Dapps Got Game, Dapp Market Q3 repost 2018

Awareness of dapps and what they have gained huge traction in the blockchain developer community, especially on Ethereum and EOS. Ever since EOS launched its mainnet in June, the so-called “Game of Thrones” of the blockchain has kicked-off officially. Ethereum, the most established blockchain, EOS, the operating system designed for dapps, and high-speed blockchains including NEO, Steem, and TRON, are aggressively expanding their dapp landscape. As the facilitator and enabler of dapps, produced the “ Q3 Market Report,” to recap what happened and where we are with dapps, especially regarding Ethereum and EOS.

*Data graphic from Q3 Dapp Market Report by, page 7.

Over 900 dapps launched in 2018 from Ethereum, up from only 7 in 2017. Dapps drive the use of tokens on the blockchains where they are based. Ethereum-based dapps drive use and liquidity of ETH, contributing to a large number of transactions and volume. Since June 2017, transactions volume were over 10,000,000 ETH on dapps, which is over 2 billion USD based on ETH’s price on 14th, November 2018.

Why are people building in this space and what are they building? Developers are coming up with ideas to utilize blockchain and its open-sourced smart contract to build applications that are fair and transparent.

Currently, 60% of the dapps in the market are games. The creation of crypto collectibles, powered by ERC-721 standard, has given opportunities for users to own and trade unique in-game assets. There is hype around betting dapps in Q3, demonstrating how dapps fulfill users’ eagerness for transparency and fairness.

DEX Goes to Ethereum and Gambling Goes to EOS

On Ethereum, nearly 50% of dapp users contributed over 800,000 ETH transaction volume in Q3 by using DEX. DEX, decentralized exchange, is flavored by crypto traders mainly because of its security feature powered by smart contracts. DEX has always been the dominating dapp with its active users, transaction amounts, and transaction volume for Ethereum. The gradual improvement of its on-chain match-making has provided smooth experiences just as centralized exchanges have. IDEX had processed over 1.2 million transactions in Q3 from 63,250 users as the top DEX in Q3.
On the other end, EOS was described as “the Las Vegas” of blockchain by some in the media because over 50% of the 60 new dapps launched are betting dapps. The EOS betting game player contributes 93% of the transactions, which is almost 5,000,000, nearly the same amount as the total of all dapps in Q3 on Ethereum. But why EOS? The BFT-DPoS has given a high transactions per second (TPS) and costless transaction, which provides a good user experience when using dapps.

EOS has Weaknesses

The EOS ecosystem has performed very well in Q3 — 70 active dapps within 4 months, and transaction volume of over 60,000,000 EOS for a 4-month-old blockchain.

*Data graphic from Q3 Dapp Market Report by, page 19.
However, the total scale of EOS users is highly limited by its complicated wallet (account) setup. RAMs and CPU resources are not as easy to understand as a gas fee. And a new EOS account has to be created by an existing account is making it more painful for new users. We saw only 336,856 mainnet accounts created by Q3 2018. The EOS wallet solutions have become the key to its success.
Smart contract security is another serious issue for EOS dapps — hackers had favored them since its mainnet launch. Mistakes in the Smart Contract coding led to the loss of over 2 million USD worth of EOS tokens by Q3.

Who is Winning?

As we are still at the very early stage for dapps, the industry focuses more on expansion rather than internal competition.
We are also happy to see that larger teams and gaming companies, including publicly listed companies like Animoca Brands and iCandy Group, are building and launching quality dapps with long-term operation goals on Ethereum — not only just to turn their famous IPs to Crypto Collectibles but also putting the core gameplay logic on the blockchain. And for EOS, the master nodes are working aggressively to build infrastructures and incubate dapps. NEO had also announced its focus on decentralized gaming development.
Get ready for 2019.


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Internet Trends Report 2018 by KPCB

Compare to China, 38% users are far more willing to share personal information for interest (discount) than US users. There are only 25% of user are willing to share their personal info, according to KPCB’s internet trends report 2018.

Report link:

Chinese version:

The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms That Control Money and Information

Every day, corporations are connecting the dots about our personal behavior—silently scrutinizing clues left behind by our work habits and Internet use. But who connects the dots about what firms are doing with all this information? Frank Pasquale exposes how powerful interests abuse secrecy for profit and explains ways to rein them in.

Frank Pasquale exposes how powerful interests abuse secrecy for profit and explains ways to rein them in. Demanding transparency is only the first step. An intelligible society would assure that key decisions of its most important firms are fair, nondiscriminatory, and open to criticism. Silicon Valley and Wall Street need to accept as much accountability as they impose on others.


How to create Laravel project by using Valet

Step 1: Install environment
installation for Php 7.1
brew install homebrew/php/php71
installation for OS X install Php 7.1
curl -s | bash -s 7.1


installation for Homebrew
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install homebrew/php/php71
Update Homebrew
brew update


php -r "copy('', 'composer-setup.php');"
php -r "if (hash_file('SHA384', 'composer-setup.php') === '669656bab3166a7aff8a7506b8cb2d1c292f042046c5a994c43155c0be6190fa0355160742ab2e1c88d40d5be660b410') { echo 'Installer verified'; } else { echo 'Installer corrupt'; unlink('composer-setup.php'); } echo PHP_EOL;"
php composer-setup.php
php -r "unlink('composer-setup.php');"

install Valet

composer global require laravel/valet

install laravel installer
composer global require "laravel/installer"

Step 2: Add Path to Terminal
echo $PATH
for running valet & composer installation
export PATH=/usr/local/php5/bin:$PATH
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin

Step 3: Build up project
valet install
Go to folder you want, we suggest use Code (~/ is user home directory)
create a folder code under “User/”
input cd ~/code in terminal
cd ~/code
tell the plugin that you want to use code as the working path so that runs the program.
valet park
create a laravel project, naming it as “app”
laravel new app
running “app”
secure the local domains by using terminal
valet secure

How to Allow Apps from Anywhere in macOS Sierra 10.12 by using Terminal

Tips for install more app for mac os. If you wanna install an app for your macbook pro or mac mini desktop even macbook air from unknown developer, you have to get access for your macbook first. Apple makes it difficult to install unknown sources for security issue. The following Instructions shows you how to get access in your “System Preferences” > “Security & Private”.

Open app download from Anywhere

input this in Terminal
1: Command+space input “Terminal” or “terminal” in Spotlight search
2: input the following code in terminal
sudo spctl --master-disable

Reset to Default Security in macOS Sierra

sudo spctl --master-enable

Show/Hide Hidden Files the Long Way
The long way to show hidden Mac OS X files is as follows:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

Mobile Statistics in Hong Kong 2017 Mid

Hi marketers & advertisers, this is Luke again! I’m gonna share some useful marketing statistics for marketers to understand local marketing of mobile users in Hong Kong. For marketing perspective, we all need an overview of mobile users in Hong Kong especially the demographics. The following data is updated for 2017 mid-year that come from Hong Kong Government’s website including OFCA (Office of the Communications Authority) and CASD (Census and Statistics Department). This statistics helps analyst to estimate overall target audiences in hong kong.

Hong Kong Population Estimates: 7,389,500*
Male: 3,392,100 (45.9)
Female: 3,997,400 (54.1%)
Mobile subscribers : 17,368,286
Mobile subscriber penetration rate: 235.5%
2.5G and 3G/4G mobile subscribers: 16,014,208

1) Mobile subscriber penetration rate reflects that users subscribes 2.3 mobile devices in average.
2) There are more than 1 million devices still using slow network (under 2.5G, ~2 MBytes).

1) There are only 4 mobile network service operators in Hong Kong:
China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited
Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited
Hutchison Telephone Company Limited (“3”)
SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited

*Provisional figures


Office of the Communications Authority (“OFCA”)

Census and Statistics Department

Bootstrap 4 Beta 正式出爐

由Twitter推特的程式員開發前端工具Bootstrap4終於發佈Beta版本。Bootstrap是一套為網頁開發而訂製的前端框架,最初由 Mark Otto 和 Jacob Thornton 製作命名為Twitter Blueprint。由於前端開發人編寫的風格因人而異,而且每次加載重覆的文檔費神失事。這班前端工程師製作了一套共享文檔,各自利用其開發前端網頁,亦便利了後端工程師的工作。簡單來說,這一套框架讓工作人員共享一套文檔,包括CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JS(JavaScript),Ajax等文件,用來開發、傳閱、展示和匯報。程式員要需要下載一次和按時更新文件,便可離線工作,大大減少重覆加載的所耗費的資源和時間。而且線上傳閱時,透過CDN(Content delivery network)方法,數行代碼便可執行網頁,無疑方便整個項目由開發到匯報的時間。



  • CSS方面,正式融合Sass,棄守Less
  • 新版Grid system更具彈性。
  • 放棄IE8 & IE9 的支援 (終於放棄治療!!)
  • JS方面,整個JS插件重寫!
  • 重寫簡介文件,網站Document使用了algolia的設計 (多無關痛癢的改動) 。

Top Programming Languages in 2017 & Most Popular programme Lang

What’up internet, here is several summary of most popular programming languages ranking in 2017. Those survey were made by website with reputation TIOBE, IEEE Spectrum & redmonk and so forth.


1.TIOBE Index for July 2017

Frequency: Monthly.

Why TIOBE?: TIOBE is based on the number of queries in popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, and Baidu )

  1. Java
  2. C
  3. C++
  4. Python
  5. C#
  6. PHP
  7. Visual Basic .NET
  8. JavaScript
  9. Delphi/Object Pascal
  10. Go 2.363% +2.20%
  11. Perl
  12. Swift
  13. Ruby
  14. Assembly language
  15. R
  16. Visual Basic
  17. MATLAB
  18. Objective-C
  19. Scratch
  20. PL/SQL

2.IEEE Spectrum articles by STEPHEN CASS

  1. Python
  2. C
  3. Java
  4. C++
  5. C#
  6. R
  7. JavaScript
  8. PHP
  9. GO
  10. Swift

3. Redmonk Rankings:

Frequency: 6 months

Why Redmonk?
It is based on raw lines of code in GitHub and StackOverflow language tags.
RedMonk is an industry analyst firm focused on software developers and headquartered in Portland, Maine, USA. It was founded on the premise of the increasing influence of software developers in the technology industry.

  1. JavaScript
  2. Java
  3. Python
  4. PHP
  5. C#
  6. C++
  7. CSS
  8. Ruby
  9. C
  10. Objective-C
  11. Swift
  12. Shell
  13. Scala
  14. R
  15. Go
  16. Perl
  17. TypeScript
  18. PowerShell
  19. Haskell
  20. CoffeeScript
  21. Lua
  22. Matlab

4. usersnap’s Ranking

Usersnap is an Austrian web application company based in Linz, Austria. The company is best known for its visual Bug Tracking and Feedback Tool, which is employed by web developers, web designers, and customer care managers. Wikipedia

  1. JavaScript
  2. Java
  3. Python
  4. Elixir
  5. Rust
  6. Go
  7. TypeScript
  8. PHP
  9. Ruby on Rails
  10. C#
  11. Swift

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a term used to denote web apps that uses the latest web technologies. Progressive web apps are technically regular web pages (or websites) but can appear to the user like traditional applications or (native) mobile applications. This new application type attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience.

KPCB released its Internet Trends 2017 Code Conference 凱鵬華盈發表2017年互聯網趨勢報告

The biggest capital firm in US Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, KPCB released a 355-pages annual Internet trends report for 2017 yesterday at Code Conference in California.


曾投資亞馬遜、Twitter、Google、Netscape(網景)的美國頂尖風險投資公司KPCB, (凱鵬華盈)合伙人瑪麗.米克(Mary Meeker)在加州發表了一份長達355頁的《2017年互聯網趨勢報告》。分析包括網上互動廣告、遊戲、媒體、雲端等等在內的互聯網趨勢。2016年中國的遊戲市場已超越美國,此外智能手機銷售量和互聯網滲透率的增長正在放緩。


互聯網每日在線時間:25億小時 (上升30%),



Last year report: 2016-internet-trends-report


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